Heartbreak Hi by Avec Sans

Avec Sans, the brainchild of vocalist Alice Fox and professional launchpad hacker Jack St James, first emerged on our radar with an ambitious cover of Bon Iver’s Perth. This week, they released their full length debut, ‘Heartbreak Hi’, replete with 13 tracks of candy-covered goodness.


Avec Sans’ particular brand of electropop is fizzy and deliciously saccharine but dig a little deeper and you’ll see there are darker undertones under the synthy sugar high. Particular standouts include ‘Hold On‘, an irresistibly catchy but lyrically simple track and the slower-paced ‘Resonate’ which shines with a hint of grunge. The track names betray an emotionally powerful LP, but with Fox’s piercing vocals and fast-moving beats, ‘Heartbreak Hi’ is still a dance record at its heart designed for dark nights and neon lights. Fox’s smooth soprano stands on its own as a focal point, especially in ‘Shiver’ and ‘Heartbreak Hi’, but pairs well with St James’ glitchy riffs and pure synthpop. At times, Avec Sans’ threatens to overdose on saccharine electronica but balances high key dance tracks with  medium-tempo gems like ‘When You Go’ and the darker, anthemic ‘The Answer’. Already blogosphere darlings and a fixture in dance pop playlists, Avec Sans’ debut is a sugary delight that promises to raise the roof with silky smooth vocals and wonderfully carved electropop melodies.

Heartbreak Hi is now out on vinyl and all major streaming services. Pre-order the album here.