Does Hinds “I Don’t Run” Rely Too Much On Their Raggedness?

Whether it is the authentic grunge tonality from the guitar or the minimally refined vocals, the rawness of their music stands out The Hinds’ second album “I Don’t Run”. But behind this unpolished surface, the 4-piece band from Madrid, Spain, along with the producer of Regina Spektor Gordon Raphael and engineer Shawn Everett, took a whole year of labour from their debut album “Leave Me Alone” to hone this second release

Talking about tonality, the punchy guitar chord progressions indulge listeners in nostalgic American rock bands such as the Beach Boys — especially the coastal vibe in the track ‘Echoing in my mind’ — with a sliver of Spanish indie rock influence. The high-pitched, childlike voice of Ana Perrote and the deep smoky vocals of Carlotta Cosials blends in a charming call-and-response dialogue. However, the members may need to watch the overdose of the latter technique as it sometimes renders the lyrics incomprehensible, such as the harmonizations in “Finally Floating” or the on-top-of-the-lungs wails in “New For You”.

What makes this album stand apart from their first one is the inclusion of love songs. The theme revolves around an antagonistic lover that all the ladies in the group seems to be tormenting about – like the dreamy, hard-to-get guy who plays with his lover’s heart like a teetering see-saw in the track “Tester” or “The Club”. This contrasts with the carefree lyrics in “Fat Calmed Kiddos” and “Bamboo” from their previous album.

But that’s it. The simplicity of the music arrangement combined with the flat and treble-oriented producing may be their unique selling points among other meticulously mastered indie rock albums, but the new release leaves the long-time followers little to no surprise.


I Don’t Run is out now!


I Don’t Run Tracklist:

1. The Club
2. Soberland
3. Linda
4. New For You
5. Echoing My Name
6. Tester
7. Finally Floating
8. I Feel Cold But I Feel More
9. To The Morning Light
10. Rookie
11. Ma Nuit


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