Humanistic modification, animals bonds and the solidarity of femininity


BEN LOPEZ // MIND MIRAGE – Occupies the front gallery filling the space with intricately admirable Illustrations of creatures and quirky adaptations of humanistic aesthetics. These intricately patterned and detailed ink drawings correlate themes of human, nature and both cosmic and spiritual worlds. Forming the inner workings of the subconscious mind, Lopez’s prolific series is nothing short of genius establishing an exterior of the most intriguing. Branching off spiritually influenced facets – each individual piece focuses on similar visual elements, which exit the realm of reality, encouraging us to create our own – entrapping us in this beautifully simulated world. 


EMILY BEASY // AS ONE – Portrays the link between human and animals – although we may share related qualities, we will never be able to truly establish a definite relation with these animals and their nature. Whilst exploring the defining notions of comfort, fear and instinct, Beasy embraces spiritual experience in reference to her theme, illustrating not only our defined links – but our respect and love for them.
These authentic Illustrated portraits luster with integrity and a visual voice of what the animal is feeling. Intertwining experience with vulnerability, Beasy reflects on our crossed natures and connections.


JENNY ALLNUTT // BLACK MOON – Series of portraits expresses the fortitude of femininity, fragility and strength, interlaced with mythologies. Whilst exploring truths and actualities for young women, Allnutt’s interpretation of values and concepts explore a softer element of her work. Although her portraits are bold and confronting, they maintain a gentle nature, consisting of a strong female presence. Her fragile exploration of women illuminate their beauty whilst aligning them with the nature of theme of femininity, fused by social indignation’s. Allnutt’s portrayal has stimulated a seminal approach to these magical beings.

Another spectacular exhibition hosted by Off the Kerb – good things all round!