I am a member of the job jumping generation

Do you ever sit at your desk and wonder if this is what you want to be doing for the rest of your life? Or maybe you’re lucky enough to not work in an office, and you actually get to look at something other than the same four walls all day.

Either way, I think we are living in a social change – our generation have to power and the right to jump ship in the job world.

Do jobs for life still exist?

In previous generations, once you got a job you tended to stay in that field until retirement – especially if you were a farmer, because there are a lot of fields then…

Yet now, perhaps due to economic turmoil, inflation and all that jazz, not many people can say they will have a job for life – sure, you may stay in a similar industry, but chances you’ll have to move to a different company at some point, whether for more money or overall security.

Perhaps it’s not all about the £££

There is something amazing that I’ve noticed about modern times – happiness and mental health play a huge role in our openness to changing job roles, leaving companies that feel like a prison and those that simply don’t meet our combined needs as professionals and humans.

It is now far less taboo to talk about being unhappy in your job. And from personal experience, some people will admire if you simply throw the towel in. It can be scary without that sense of security. But life may just reward you for your gumption – and open up a wonderful new opportunity.

The best thing I ever did

I never expected to get a job soon after I graduated, and I was glad when I did. But I soon realised that professional work can have a serious effect on your happiness. I think this is especially true if you have a creative mind and you’re sucked into a world devoid of that, where targets and statistics trump all.

Yes, every job is filled with routine and tedious moments, but if in general it is not developing you as a person (and you dread getting up in the morning) you can make the decision to move on. A spark for this can usually be found in the way the company treats its employees – if the capital growth of the business is consistently prioritised over the happiness of those workers who make it all happen, that said company aren’t worth your skillset, effort or time.

Purge your life and embrace change

I once read an article that you should frequently make culls in your life. Stop spending time with negative people, end relationships that don’t give back what you put in, and stop trying to please others more than yourself. Employment happiness should come into this too.

Not happy in your job? Given your colleagues, boss or company enough chances? Quit. As long as you are confident in your skills and have a bit of money to tie you over until something else comes along (it will), what’s stopping you? As a generation who experiences an ever-changing and constantly pressurised society, we surely have the basic right to control our personal situations and happiness?

If you’re confused and can’t quite summon up enough courage to make a change, perhaps this quote will act as a little reminder…

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

Get out there and control your own destiny. I’ve got faith in you and I bet your dog or cat does too…