Interview: Filago

Paris-based indie rock three piece band, Filago, is out with their first Album Dance Ordinaire – ten songs, all warmth and lightness, seasonable music, that is. Best listened on sultry summer nights.

Tell us about your new album

It’s called Dance Ordinaire. It came out on March 30 and was released by Iki Records (a label founded by our drummer). It follows our 2006 EP Fetish.

What are some of the record’s themes?

Dance Ordinaire is about the ramblings of a man. The idea was to get inside his head and follow his inner thoughts. The album is divided into ten chapters, each having a very distinctive landscape. This record has a very contextual scope. People have this tendency to escape into their own world, to daydream, and in that sense, dancing can be an escape from the hardships of everyday life, hence the title of the album.

What place does this album hold in your musical journey?

It holds a very important place. It is our very first full length album. It sets the foundations for things to come.

What’s your creative process like?

We sort of broke away from our traditional method. It used to be chords, lyrics, arrangement. On this record, we opted for a more experimental way of doing things. A little more disjointed, but still very much a collective effort from top to finish.

What are your musical influences?

We have pretty different musical backgrounds. The spectrum is fairly wide. We listen to folk, pop and ambient. We love Nick Cave and Talk Talk for their immersive and theatrical showmanship. We’re also admirers of such artists as Erik Satie, Arthur Russell and Broadcast to name a few.

Which artists would you love to collaborate with?

John Maus for example or Arto Lindsay. 

A song or album you have on repeat?

La Voce Del Padrone by Franco Battiato, especially the track “Centro Di Gravità Permanente”.

What’s next for Filago?

We’re currently touring. We really enjoy doing live shows. We like theatrical and interactive performances. We’re pretty big on that. We’ve already started writing new material and we’ll be in the studio very soon. We’re trying to put out as much new music as possible.