Interview: FOXTRAX

Rewind back to October when FOXTRAX dropped their awesome track “Everything’s Changing”. It was released on Soul Sounds Records and it’s definitely something defining to every listener on their first play.

We know that more music is coming from this three-piece, and we are excited to see what they have instore for us. However, for the time being, we managed to get an interview with them.

So, as we all wait for new music from these guys – that is surely going to impress – why not take a look at our interview below. FOXTRAX talk about the band and its name, their music and the direction they’ve taken, their career to date, and what they hope the future will bring for them.

Hi there, FOXTRAX. How have you been lately? What have you been up to?

We have been living the freaking dream! Thanks for taking the time to interview us! 

Where did the name for the group come from?

So, I am glad you asked this. We were living in a cabin in the woods of North Carolina writing songs and vibing out. We used to go on these hikes in the woods in between sessions and we kept seeing these Fox Tracks in the snow and we would follow them. We realized that we were following our FOXTRAX in life! 

How was the band formed?

We are all hometown boys. We are all from a town on Long Island called Oceanside. We grew up playing baseball together. I don’t think that any of us thought we’d ever move across the country together and form a band. It’s really amazing what life has in store for you. 

You recently released your brand-new track “Everything’s Changing”, can you tell us more about the song?

This song is about appreciating the wonderful moments in life. Don’t rush time. We all want to achieve our greatest potential, but it is important to enjoy the journey to get there. That is what this song is about!

How does this track differ from your previous releases?

This is quite a happy track, where as a lot of our other songs are a lot more moody.  

It follows up previous single “Nothing Lasts Forever”, can you tell us more about that track?

That song is about realizing that the crappy times in life don’t last forever. Sometimes things can feel a bit overwhelming, but in the end all will be well!

Your new music is certainly taking you in a new direction, this includes “Grey Morning”, compared to your debut EP “The Cabin”. What’s inspired you to go down this new route?

I think it all started when we played a show with this band called The Internet. They are a hip hop type act and we were blown away by them. It really opened the door to this whole new style for us. 

Can we expect more music dropping soon? Perhaps another EP or even an album?

So, we have another single coming out at the end of January which is exciting! Looking ahead to a full length really soon! 

So far, we’ve only ever had one music video from you, which was for “Underwater”, which is still your most streamed track on Spotify, and most viewed video on YouTube. Can we hope for more music videos in the future?

Absolutely! We will definitely look to do another music video soon, but right now we are going in a really cool direction with the art and we want people to grow accustomed to that aesthetic before we shoot a music video. 

What’s it like knowing that “Underwater” has received so much attention? It currently has 519,000 Spotify streams and 40,000 YouTube views.

It is really inspiring to know that our music is affecting people! At the end of the day the reason we wanted to play music was to inspire people! Really awesome to know that we are doing that even if in a small way!

You also took part in Jam In The Van sessions, what was that experience like?

The Jam in the Van crew are so cool to chill with. They have this amazingly eclectic crew of personalities. It is really exciting to be able to do cool stuff like that. 

So, what can we expect in the coming months from FOXTRAX? What do you hope to achieve?

We are about to go on tour in a week, so I can’t wait for that. We hope that people will have their minds blown by some freakishly insane music!

And, finally, is there a special message you want to say to your fans?

It is not your role to find the door. Just be prepared to walk through it when it opens! 

Thank you so much for this interview FOXTRAX, we’re so excited about all the new music you plan to drop in the new year.

As we wait, though, we’ll totally be adding to your Spotify streams. Their latest single is “Everything’s Changing” and was released on 26 October.


Photo Credit Svet Jacqueline