Interview: VYNCE “We are 4 youthful lads trying to create indie-pop music that people enjoy listening to at any time”

VYNCE – A 4-piece indie-pop band comprising of Peter Pegasiou (singer, guitarist), Tom Davis (drums), Conor O’Shea (bass) and Jack Kelsey (guitar). They first landed onto the indie scene back in 2013, the following year they released their debut EP ‘Waves’, which they now admit wasn’t a true testament to the bands capabilities. “The initial ‘waves’ EP for us was almost a bit of a rush.”

The boys are now back with their newest single “Lust” + a new EP out on the 1st of April.


Outlet: To start this off…How would you sum up VYNCE in emojis?


Peter Pegasiou: Definitely the devil one, and then the monkey with his hands over his ears twice!

O: For those just discovering your music, can you tell us a little bit about yourself, your background and how VYNCE came together?

PP: We are 4 youthful lads trying to create indie-pop music that people enjoy listening to at any time. We’re not really interested in creating a contrived, lyrical masterpiece nor an extremely complex, musical masterpiece; we simply take our instruments and the melodies that frequent our brains every day, and combine them to create what we deem to be good, catchy songs.

VYNCE came together initially through me (Peter – singer, guitarist) and Tom(drums) playing music towards the end of high school. We quit and then I went on to do a law degree and Tom to do pharmacy yet within the first week, we knew that we needed to be doing music. So we formed a band, things happened, songs were written, people left, people joined, we got a decent management and now here we are! We consist of myself (Peter Pegasiou), Tom Davis on the drums, Conor O’Shea on bass and Jack Kelsey on guitar.

O: You released your debut EP ‘Waves’ about 2 years ago. What would you say the biggest differences are between that EP and your latest single “Lust”?

PP: The initial ‘waves’ EP for us was almost a bit of a rush. We wanted to dip a toe into that kind of new indie sound. We were trying for that kind of benevolent naivety as it was really far from what me and Tom had done in the past. But I kept writing then literally realised that I’m far too opinionated and uptight for that kind of music. So I just started writing songs about all the things that had annoyed me and the more direct style came with it. ‘Lust’ definitely reflects some form of anger within its sound.

O: Do you feel like now you have a better grasp of the bands identity and a set direction for the band?

PP: Yes, 100%. Alluding to the last question, it took time to find what we wanted to do with the music. Initially, my feelings were that we had to conform to that Foalsy, Peacey trendy vibe that everyone seems to be doing but when you’re stuck doing a law degree, with barely any time for anything except your studies, it’s hard to sing about the ideals of love.

O: Can you tell us a bit about bringing your latest single “Lust” together, both musically and lyrically?

PP: ‘Lust’ musically is pretty simple and synonymous to the meaning of the word. It’s direct and completely unsubtle. The lyrics don’t juxtapose this whatsoever. Interestingly, the chorus lyrics ‘I only call you when I’m bored at home and I only fancy you when I’m alone’ were things that had been said to me by a girl and the verse lyrics are kind of my point of view. It’s just about not being wanted but not really caring either. I think between the age of 18-21 is a pretty hectic time and everything seems to be going 100mph so attraction becomes lust rather than love. 1 pint in the pub becomes 10 jaeger bombs and a first train home. One petty argument becomes 2 months of not speaking to your best mate. Everybody is so caught up in trying to move forward into society, yet nobody really gets anywhere. I’d go on about the pressures of schools and stuff to do such things but It’d be a long long essay (never guess I did a law degree.)

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O: Is it important for you to draw inspiration from real life experiences and to have that deep connection with the lyrics?

PP: I’d say it’s important to get lyrics that people relate to. I don’t believe you have to have a deep connection to your own lyrics but if you get them right then others will. I have a very deep connection with lots of other artists’ lyrics and it means nothing to me whether they do or not.

O: Out of the songs you’ve written so far, is there one song that you’re most connected to?

PP: I wrote a song called ‘Taste’ which is about wanting to follow your dream whatever it may be, but also being worried about if it doesn’t go to plan.. hence the lyrics ‘I just don’t want my life to go to waste, just to satisfy my taste’

O: Do you have any other creative outlets besides songwriting?

PP: Hmmmmmmmmm, not really. I think we’re all dead set on the music. Tom does all our artwork and stuff so I guess he’s into designing things.

O: Which album has had the greatest impact on you as an artist and why?

PP: We’d all have different answers to this but personally, probably ‘Bigger than both of us’ by Hall and Oates. I only discovered them a few years back but it really opened my eyes to pop music. The way that they write songs and the way that the emotion is placed mainly within the music and melody rather than the lyrics. They don’t need to directly express the emotion of the song for me to be able to know how they felt when writing it and there’s no need to be really subtle about it either.

O: Music is quite a subjective thing, it based on personal preference. Journalist can either praise or completely destroy your music. Do you take what others write/say about your music personally?

I don’t take it personally simply because I can’t. There’s a lot of people writing reviews these days that I think, quite frankly, are awful at it. That’s my opinion. One lad said that the chorus to one of our songs had a lot to be ‘dezired’ which made me laugh. We also had an article written on us once by a lad and It described our set as chirpy and jangly. We were quite confused and later found out that he didn’t attend the gig but was at the pub next door and just ‘had to write something.’ I’m happy for journalists to listen to our music and cast opinion however they like. It’s their publication, not mine, so they can say what they want. That’s the beauty of it and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

O: What are your top 4 goals for 2016?

PP: 1. Get a good amount of national airplay on the new tracks
2. Get on some good solid support shows
3. Get a nice large homecoming gig sorted in Liverpool as its been 3 years since we did one.
4. Write some cool new tunes

O: Lastly, what’s next for you guys? Are there any details that you can share with us about any upcoming music?

PP: YES, there are actually. On the 1st of April we will be releasing a brand new EP. This is going to be the start of what we’re really about and we’re really going to move forward with it. We have the tour coming up in April as well which will be good and there’ll be a load more music coming out before 2017 is upon us.

Lust EP teaser

THE WAIT MAY WELL BE OVER! WE GOT NEW MUSIC COMING!our 'LUST' EP will be released on the 1st of April!!!!pre-order will be available from the 18th March so make sure you grab it whilst it's hot!feel free to share the vid below to get the word out!MUCH LUV X

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