Interview With Somaya On Her Debut Album “Stand Up”

On 16 June 2017, Somaya released her debut album “Stand Up” which contains plenty of awesome tracks that we just love to listen to. Lucky for us, she found time to answer our questions in our exclusive interview.

Full of emotions with some impactful statements, Somaya’s debut album is completely unforgettable. Not only that, but she has some incredible visuals that correlate well with her tracks.

She’s certainly bringing it when it comes to her music. We can’t wait to see what the future brings to her. In our exclusive interview with Somaya, she talks about her album, how she got into music, and her inspirations.

Hi Somaya, thank you for taking some time to answer our questions today. How have you been? What have you been up to?

Hi! I’ve been great, just writing a bunch of songs. Thanks for taking the time to interview me!

You recently released “Stand Up”, tell us more about the album.

I recorded it this past winter with Matt Bronleewe, who is so incredibly talented, and I’m really happy with how it turned out! It’s 8 songs about topics ranging from love to alcoholism to social justice. It’s my debut album so I’m definitely really excited about it!

Which song is your favorite and what does it mean to you?

My favorite changes all the time. As of right now, it’s probably “As Much as I Loved You”. It’s the first song I wrote for the album, and it’s about the fear of not finding love again. It has somewhat sad lyrics, but a pretty happy sound to it, so that contrast brings out a mix of nostalgia and hope.

What was it like receiving the comments from iHeartRadio about “Stand Up”?

It was so cool! I sent the song to them and told myself not to expect a reply because of how big they are, so to have them not only listen to it, but like it enough to talk about it and play it was amazing.

Our favourite track is definitely the title track “Stand Up”. It’s totally full of girl power and women empowerment, how did this track come about? And tell us more about it.

Thank you! I wrote the song in about fifteen minutes last October. Sexual assault is a very personal issue to me, and I was tired of hearing the classic “boys will be boys” excuse, so I decided to write a song about standing up against it. I don’t think victims receive enough support, so hopefully this song can help them feel less alone and encourage society to stand up against it as well.

How did you get into music?

I started playing piano when I was 4 because my mom wanted me to have a hobby that didn’t involve competition and that I could continue to do no matter how old I was. When I was 13, I started to experience some darkness, and music was my escape from that. Since then, I’ve used music to try and help myself and others.

Who are your inspirations?

I love artists that make dark, electropop songs, like Halsey and Tove Lo. That kind of music almost always has meaningful lyrics and a rawness to it that I try to include in my songs as well.

You’ve done a few covers on your YouTube Channel, which has been your favourite?

Probably my cover of “Take Me to Church” by Hozier. The song is so beautiful, so I loved creating my own take on it. I had a lot of fun making the video for it too; a large portion of the video was shot outside, and it was February, so it was freezing cold, but my friend was helping me record the video, so it was a really fun process. 

What five songs are your favourite tunes right now?

“Praying” by Kesha
“New Rules” by Dua Lipa
“Brother” by Kodaline
“Angels” by Khalid
“Most Girls” by Hailee Steinfeld

What do you hope the future will bring for you?

I hope my music will reach and help more people.

And do you have any advice for people who plan on self-releasing an album?

I always say not to compare yourself to anyone else. The journey you and your album take isn’t necessarily going to be the same as someone else’s, and that’s okay. Keep believing in yourself and keep working on your craft. 

Thank you Somaya for taking the time out for our exclusive interview. Outlet Magazine loves your album so much and we can’t wait to see what you release next.

Don’t forget to download or stream Somaya’s debut album “Stand Up”. It’s completely emotional and raw that we’re obsessed.