Introducing: Tijana and her debut single ‘Stars’

If you’re looking for a stunning, feel good pop track to listen to on a bright and sunny day, well then Tijana’s debut single, ‘Stars’ is the one for you. Tijana is Sydney’s newest pop starlet who has just emerged from triple j’s Unearthed platform.

‘Stars’ is Tijana’s first single and was produced by Jean-Paul Fung (Birds Of Tokyo, Last Dinosaurs, Lime Cordiale). Tijana draws influence from artists like Ryn Weaver, Ellie Goulding and Flume to create a shimmery, uplifting pop anthem. Layered over a twinkling pop soundscape, Tijana sings with a voice reminiscent of warm honey, “If there’s a chance then take it / If you make a move, don’t waste it”. ‘Stars’ is a refreshing pop stunner that provides all of the positive vibes you will ever need.

“The song is about my personal struggles and desires. The struggles being that I had always doubted my intelligence and my capabilities to do great things. My desires included making music a full time career, knowing the costs and the work that would have to be put in to it. In the end, you just have to realise that if you are good at something and if you are passionate about it, then any chance you have to make it your livelihood must be taken,” Tijana says about the track.

Listen to ‘Stars’ here…