Introducing Yeezy Model Trè Samuels’ debut single “Flying Without You”

While the path between catwalk and recording studio is well-worn, not many of the attempts by models to become singers were successful. This is definitely not the case of Trè Samuels.

Trè Samuels, 17-year-old Melbournian, was discovered in 2015 by a modelling agency Re:Quest when he was in New York because of his first love – music. Samuels’ modelling career kick-started a week after he was discovered and his impressive resume already includes Dior Homme, Burberry, Valentino, Yeezy Season 3 and Rihanna‘s Fenty x Puma. Magazine Complex believes that Trè’s rhythm and confidence on the runway are all indebted to his love for music.


Trè is obviously busy modelling; will he have time to create new music?

”Whenever I’m travelling for modelling, I think I’ll always bring my music setup, because no matter where I go, I can still write and record,” he told

This young singer and songwriter credits Marvin Gaye, Charlie Wilson, Miguel, and Frank Ocean among his inspirations. In addition, we feel like his new record was also influenced by D’Angelo and The Weeknd.

When asked about his new single Flying Without You, Trè said:

”Flying Without You is a song about how people have entered my life with the wrong motive. People who show love at the beginning but then show their true colours when things are going great or bad. So this is me saying I’m flying without them either way – and they don’t get to disrupt my flow. AT ALL.”

Listen to Flying Without You below…

Satin-like groove, sensual soulfulness, spacey beats and psychedelic swirls helped to create this smouldering electronic R&B masterpiece. 

Trè’s debut album features songs 100 and Killer which were both beautifully mixed by Chris Corby and premiered on Samuels’ YouTube channel in April. His song 100 is about keeping it real (real=100) no matter who you are, what you have to say and how big your dreams are.

So keep it 100 and watch his first ever music video below…

Will the best transition from modelling to music be the one recently pulled off by Trè Samuels? Maybe. Maybe not. But what we know for sure is that this young Australian will now not only be known for his curls but also for his soulful R&B voice.

Trè Samuels debut EP Lost In Translation is now available for pre-order on iTunes as well as Google play and will be released on Friday 27 May 2016.


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