Isaac Gracie Releases Video for ‘Last Words’

15-year-old me would love Isaac Gracie. He’s young, British and brooding. He sounds similar to Jake Bugg, but looks like a young Daniel Johns. What I’m trying to say is he is exactly what I loved when I was in my Arctic Monkeys phase, and he deserves all the praise that’s being heaped upon him. While he’s not exactly new to the scene, having been causing a buzz since 2016, he’s finally ready to release his debut album in mid-April. In anticipation of the album, he’s released an archetypal indie-style music video for his first big hit, ‘Last Words’.

Just because the video is a bit clichéd doesn’t stop it from being interesting. Shot with Gracie’s long-term collaborator, Jackson Ducasse, there’s lots of close ups of Gracie interchanged with landscape shots and footage of people just hanging out. It’s the kind of thing you’d see with ten thousand notes on Tumblr, yet it gives you enough of an insight into Gracie and his friends that you want to keep watching it. The choice to keep it in black and white is a wise one, as I don’t think it would be as intriguing in colour. This also allows for a great contrast between the HD, clean shot sections focusing on Gracie, and the shaky, old-style footage of other people.

It also makes a lot of sense for Gracie to release a new video for a relatively old song. Having built up hype in 2016, he’s quite rightly taken his time to hopefully perfect his debut album, a luxury others don’t always take. By releasing a video for a song that’s by far his most well-known, he ensures everyone remembers who he is and what he’s best at. While it might have been done before, the video for ‘Last Words’ is so well put together that I don’t really mind. Maybe I’m not so different from my 15-year-old self after all.