Jagwar Ma Release New Single ‘Give Me A Reason’

Sydney’s alternative electronica group, Jagwar Ma have just released their new single, Give Me A Reason following their performances at Glastonbury and Splendour In The Grass last month.  The track is the second single from their upcoming album, Every Now & Then which is due to be released on October 14th.  The track follows on from their mind-blowing psychedelic pop single, OB1 and this time sees them drawing on influences from the Beach Boys to Chicago House to deliver a swirling and enchanting several minutes of bliss.

Give Me A Reason opens with a groovy beat that slowly builds through the track, accompanied by spiralling, psychedelic melodies.  It’s a hazy, feel-good track filled with a bright mix of acid-house and electronic soul grooves.   Gabriel Winterfield from the band spoke to Stereogum about the track saying, “Yeah, it’s far out man. It’s like starting over. The first lyric is: “Now we’re back to the start,” because we were back in France, doing it again, giving it another crack. And towards the end, there’s that ‘other’ character — the amoeba thing I sing about. That’s pushing it!”  The track is one of those amazing songs that you can just listen to over and over again and will continue to give you that fuzzy, sunshine feeling every time.

Jagwar Ma’s sophomore album Every Now & Then is available for pre-order now via jagwarma.com.

Track list:

1. Falling

2. Say What You Feel

3. Loose Ends

4. Give Me A Reason

5. Ordinary

6. Batter Up

7. O B 1

8. Slipping

9. High Rotations

10. Don’t Make It Right

11. Colours of Paradise