Jake Miller’s new music video for “Can’t Help Myself”

This music video has been out for a month, now, and it’s one we can’t stop watching, playing and listening to. It truly is unforgettable. “Can’t Help Myself” is the latest release by Jake Miller and it is incredible in every single way.

The song is taken from his latest album “2:00am In LA” and the music video was released on 23 October 2017. It’s undeniably catchy and definitely a track that stands out on the album, so it’s no surprise that it was chosen for a music video.

Set in a post-apocalyptic world, Jake Miller acts as a hero, being one of the last humans who have survived the destruction of the world. It definitely brings some Mad Max vibes. The music video is more like a short film than a generic music video, one we could watch again and again, because it truly is that incredible.

The video opens with a TV displaying past events – our future events – showcasing what has happened to the world. “Greed. Rebellion. War.” Is heard before a news reporter says: “People fighting in the streets for oil and gasoline.” Someone else then says: “Infertility numbers have reached a critical high. The future of human race is in despair.” Then Jake Miller talks, he says: “This wasteland. Twisted shadow of the old world.” Lastly, we hear multiple voices say: “Nuclear war is imminent.” A guy then says: “The war for planet Earth is underway.” Jake Miller returns to say: “As for mankind, I’m one of the few scavengers left to live in this hell.”

This is where the music video fully kicks in. Jake Miller awakes in a desert, covered in sand; it was filmed in the Mojave Desert. The scenic location is engaging from the first few shots, and it really brings in the viewers. We watch Jake Miller walk over the sand and to a motorbike – where the vehicle came from, we’re not sure since he has been amongst the sand for quite some time.

Whilst riding his bike, he comes across a woman who is chained up. She asks for help so that’s what he does. Then the guards fire at him and tries to stop him from saving her, but that’s when the plot twist comes in and when he’s captured we find out that it was all a set up.

According to a live video, Jake Miller explained that the women use him to populate the world, hence the highly sexual scene shown whilst he is captured, before he’s left chained up in a small amphitheatre-like arena.

The whole visual was directed by Christian Bresleaur and Edgar Esteves. A lot of fans have been saying that the music video doesn’t relate to the song itself, although we believe it does because Jake Miller proves he is a nice guy and wouldn’t leave some random woman chained up as he goes on and lives his life. There are many people out there who takes advantage of nice people, and that is what he is showing within this visual. Nice people can’t help themselves, but be nice – in Jake Miller’s case, he certainly can’t help himself when there’s a pretty woman involved.

The song is beyond catchy and does have this relaxing desert vibe about it. Jake Miller is certainly a rising star, and one we all should be keeping an eye on. Make sure you download and stream “Can’t Help Myself” as well as his other songs on his 2017 album “2:00am In LA”.