Jessie Reyez releases new single ‘Body Count’.

Reyez delivers honesty and wit with her new track ‘Body Count’. Not one to sugar coat her song lyrics, the 27-year-old former bartender again cuts right to the chase with her empowering message.

‘Your Body Count is nobody’s business. Do what you want’, is how she announced the release to her fans on her facebook page, alongside the album art.  

As the guitar is strummed in an almost delightfully amateur way, she opens the track conversationally with you don’t gotta tell me ‘bout your body count/I don’t gotta know your exes name. She then goes on to sing about ‘dodging dick on the daily’ and ‘not needing anyone to take away (our) freedom’. Her voice is raw, resonant and almost brash at times.

Filled with clever one-liners, strong, soulful singing, and delightfully boppy backing vocals; this track is sure to replace any lamenting with a cup of tea on the front porch.