JZAC: “I Just Rap About The Things I’ve Been Through.”

Jerry Zajac aka JZAC is a hip-hop artist from New Hampshire. “Not everyone is familiar with the state so to make it easier for people, I tell them it’s a bout 40 minutes North of Boston”, he said. Although always been a “hop-hop head”, the 24 year-old fell in love with rapping and making music in his freshman year of college. “It was when my friend introduced me to “GarageBand”. Since then, I’ve spent countless hours mastering my craft and building a core fan base. I started rapping seriously and recoding music 5 years ago.”

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Outlet: Who were your inspirations when writing music?

JZAC: So many people, just the top of my head: Nas, Jay-Z, Lupe Fiasco, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Lil Wayne, 50 Cent, Eminem, Notorious B.I.G, Drake, J. Cole, Wu Tang Clan. Those are a few I’ve always listened to as inspiration. “Keyboard Kenny” is one of my favorite tracks

O: What’s the worst thing someone has ever said to you online?

J: People are always saying negative things. I’ve gotten everything from “quit rapping, you suck” to name-calling. Basically all the typical things you would see scrolling through YouTube comments.”

O: Do you think it’s easier for musicians today to make a career because of the Internet?

J: Yes and no. I think the advancement of technology has allowed easier access so anyone can make music, which is an incredible thing. But that also creates clutter because so many people are putting out music, which makes it really hard to stick out. I think it is easier overall but you have to be extremely creative or talented to really stick out

O: You don’t really rap about what most rappers rap about (ya’know the usual women, drugs, parties and such); do you find that difficult to do?

J: For me, it isn’t. I just rap about things I’ve been through or different experiences. That’s what comes out naturally when I start the creation process.”

O: How was the process of releasing “Cold Cuts” and why “Problems at Home” wasn’t in it?

J: Well, I released Cold Cuts on my birthday – it was a collection of songs I had made over the last year or so. I kind of just put it out on the Internet for free and people eventually reacted. I even personally mailed about 200 physical copies to people who wanted them. “Problems at Home” was released a few months after – I just hadn’t created the song yet, but it would have been a good fit.

O: Your fan-base is starting to grow, meaning more people now know who you are. Do you feel this fame it’s changing you as a person or the way you write your music?

J: I don’t think it’s changing me. It has definitely given me a confidence boost to see how many people really love the music but I still have a long time to go. I think if I was really in it for the money or fame, it would change me, but I’ve been at this since day one for the love of the music. I let the passion drive me.


O: You talk about things from YouTube to Tinder: how attached are you to social media? Can you leave the house without your phone?

J: I’m pretty attached to it. Not so much to keep up with celebrities, more so to stay on top of things and keep building my brand. I try my best to respond to my fans and that gets tough with all the social media outlets we have today. Definitely don’t like to leave the house without it, but it feels good to shut it off once in a while.

O: Thoughts about Macklemore? You mentioned him a few times in two different songs because, is it because you don’t like him?

J: No, I’m a big fan of Macklemore. I think I reference him often because that’s who people always compare me with. Although I appreciate the compliments, it gets a little tiring hearing, “You’re a white rapper? Man, you’re like Macklemore!”

O: Who would you like to work with?

J: Lupe Fiasco. He really got me into wordplay and storytelling on another level. Other rappers did before him, but I got to watch him come up, growing up, so it meant a little more to me personally. Getting on a song with someone who inspired me like that would be epic!

O: What would make your 2016 perfect?

J: Everything that I’m doing now but bigger. A tour would be ideal.

You can find JZAC here:

Twitter – twitter.com/JZACMusic
Facebook – facebook.com/JZACMUSIC/
Instagram – instagram.com/jzacmusic
Soundcloud – soundcloud.com/jzac
Snapchat – jzacmusic (he does Freestyle Fridays, you don’t want to miss that)