King Giz continue the freak-beat frenzy with new single: People-Vultures

People-Vultures is our second taste of King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard’s forthcoming LP, Nonagon Infinity –so titled, as the album will consist of nine tracks on infinite loop (the first of it’s kind). Continuing the gonzo freak-beat frenzy of Gamma Knife, People-Vultures exudes an energy that is as relentless and monolithic as Giz themselves. Nonagon Infinity will bring the boys to an impressive tally of four full-length releases in 18 months, with each release delving into the diverse and often unexpected territories of 1960s beach-pop, stripped down acoustic psych, densely packed prog and acid-flecked cosmic jazz.

Recorded at Brooklyn’s Daptone Studios, Nonagon seems to be a return to Giz’s early days with the it’s two singles displaying the cutting riffs, fuzz and energy of 2011’s Willoughby’s Beach. The release of Nanogon’s tracklisting with song titles such as Big Fat Wasp and Evil Death Roll further evidence that the brain rattling Gamma Knife and People-Vultures are most likely indicative of the album in it’s entirety. Front-man Stu Mackenzie describes Nonagon as focussing on “things that felt good live”. With an already intense and impressive live performance, one can only imagine what the boys will deliver when dedicating an entire album to the cause.

People-Vultures is an exciting glimpse into an album that promises to be huge. Due for release on the 29th of April with pre-orders available now, all ears are patiently waiting for Nonagon Infinity. I for one am keen to catch a live show, as Giz always deliver something special.

Listen to King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard’s ‘People-Vultures’ below…