King Princess gathers momentum with ‘Talia’ for her upcoming EP

Introducing you to Mikaela Strauss a.k.a King Princess. We guess she choose that stage name because Queen and Prince were already taken (Ba-Dum Tshh). On a more serious note, King Princess is a vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, songwriter and producer. And it goes to show as her breakout single ‘1950’ has 2.2 million views on her YouTube channel, not mentioning the countless other users posting the audio and lyrics on the site. Her latest single/video ‘Talia’ is already gathering momentum with 300,000+ views for the music clip in only 9 days. These two standout tracks and three other unique works will form an Extended Play (EP) titled ‘Make My Bed’ set for release on June 15. This release comes from her label, Zelig Records, which is spearheaded by acclaimed producer, Mark Ronson.

If you thought my old references were done, here’s another one; King Princess’ new song ‘Talia’ actually mentions the name of the person who she is singing about, comparable to: ‘Roxanne’ by The Police, ‘Delilah’ by Tom Jones and ‘Jolene’ by Dolly Parton. Mikaela’s love for ‘Talia’ evokes the form of those who have gone before but in this modern adaptation, the themes of queer love and heartbreak are exposed to a very grateful audience eager to relate to her story. Her story is also somewhat of an auditory journey for those with a keen ear. As such, King Princess’ verses are like the pavement in which the foundation is set – strong, consistent and meaningful. By the time the assertive statement of “but four drinks I’m wasted”, the chorus becomes the ramp of the journey pushing the heartbreak into pure blissful denial – “I can lay down next to you/ But it’s all in my head”. Leaving only the staircase to be built which descends step by step, as word by word is delivered in a clipped way – “swear/ that/ I/ will/ wake/ up/ next to you”.

This sad tale of former lovers and lost best friends, albeit catchy and addictive, is not without an equally moving video. Mikaela stars in her own music clip beside a lifelike female mannequin set inside a motel room. This dynamic works brilliantly, with King Princess singing of loss, she clings to a figure presumably similar to that of ‘Talia’. The distance in follow up scenes, ultimately suggests the mannequin is more lifelike lifeless than previously thought, referencing the line – “dug a thousand graves” (the relationship is well and truly over). Definitely check it out for yourself!