Loading Zones

Loading Zones

Kurt Vile
Release date: 16 August 2018

Kurt Vile shares ‘Loading Zones’

There’s something to be said about artists who are happy in their own skin.

Some musicians use lead singles to push boundaries, prepare the public for a new direction, while others welcome fans back with warm familiarity. In Kurt Vile’s case, it’s proudly the latter. From the opening, layered twang of ‘Loading Zones’ the mission statement is clear: no one does it like me, and what I do works just fine.

Having long since accepted his role of some kind of slacker-savant, Vile now leans into it ten-fold.  The music video works as a kind of Free Loaders Manifesto, following our impossibly chill hero through the streets of his beloved home and muse, Philadelphia.

Vile nonchalantly dodges parking violations while cruising through his daily chores (conspicuously avoiding the barbershop), at one point graciously giving his autograph to a cop fining him. “I park for free!” is the refrain, and a pretty good summation of Vile’s entire aesthetic. The laid-back, unshakeable confidence is infectious. He drawls, “that’s the way I live my life,” and you want in.

He eventually calls it a day and pulls over to shred a whammy-heavy outro on the hood of his car.  Both effortless and technically flashy, nothing here would be out of place on any other Kurt Vile release, but when you’ve got this feel-good formula, why change?