Lanks Flips His Own Song And Is Also Starting A Tour Soon

Talented musician Lanks has gone and one-upped himself by releasing a ‘chill flip’ of his latest single ‘My Own Mystery’. It’s pretty different to the original, but it shows just how capable he is of improving upon his own work. The electronic artist also starts a short East Coast tour next week, kicking things off at Hudson Ballroom in Sydney. With a debut album in the works, now is the time to catch Lanks’ vibrant set in some intimate venues before the secret gets out.

Full disclosure: I was disappointed by the original release of ‘My Own Mystery’. Coming from two of the Australian artists I am most excited about, Lanks and NGAIIRE, I was expecting so much more, but the 80s undertones just didn’t do it for me. This ‘Chill Flip’, however, is everything I wanted. While it’s a little more minimal, it loses the parts I didn’t like and emphasises the parts I did. Both artists’ vocals shine through here at times, and the build-up in the second half of the song is a lot more effective than in the original single. I doubt this version will be the one Lanks plays live, but that shouldn’t deter anyone from seeing him in the flesh. He’s a very skilled multi-instrumentalist who obviously has the ability to adapt and evolve incredibly quickly, and from all accounts his live set is innovative and engaging. It’s incredibly exciting to know there’s already more new music on the horizon this year from this artist.




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