‘Laurie’ – an embodiment of heartache by Louis Berry

There’s something special about what a man and his guitar can do. Together this duo can possess the power to move you. The sweet combo of echoing acoustics and tender lyrics are enough to puncture a hole in your heart you never knew existed. Goosebumps arise on the surface of your skin and you wonder how on earth a record can compel you to feel such a tangle of emotions you thought were long ago buried. A track with such potency is tough to find, so you can imagine that upon the encounter of Louis Berry’s latest single ‘Laurie’ I was instantly turned a fool in love.

23 year old, Liverpool local, Louis Berry is a cunning singer/songwriter, encapsulating the raw exuberance of vintage blues and rock’n’roll. Berry was born with a voice of soul where grit and passion lurk within – a fiery blend that has been acclaimed by industry heavyweights such as Zane Lowe, Annie Mac, NME, The Guardian and BBC Radio 1.

479Courtesy of the artist

It therefore came as no surprise when Berry splashed into 2016 with another gem of a record. Whilst currently polishing his album for an upcoming release, Berry has so kindly given us a teaser of what is to come, with his new single, ‘Laurie’. From the first strum of his guitar it becomes clear that this track is so very different from all his others. The once murderous vocals of Berry are now soothing with vulnerability. We are exposed with a softer side of his character and are given an intimate glimpse into the depths of his conscience. With a husky tongue and a spare pluck of his strings Berry forges a bruising ode to an ex-lover, skipping the swim through romantic waters and diving straight into the romantic realities. In spite of such mellow fused tones the rasping truth and profound emotion that is rooted in the depths of Berry’s tale will leave you sighing in awe, his throaty vocals jagging the melancholic yearning of us all.

After just one listen of this humming acoustic it is clear that Berry is an artist with talent far beyond his years. ‘Laurie’ ultimately cements Berry as one of the most refreshing and prudent artists of the U.K music scene – a thrilling title to claim that comes down to just a man and his guitar.

‘Laurie’ is now available to purchase on iTunes. This beauty will be a tune you’ll be replaying for days on end.

Currently on a festival circuit in the U.K, you can catch Louis in the coming months at Beat-Herder, Y Not Festival, Glass Butter Beach and Splendour Fest.