Lawson’s frontman proposes in music video for ‘Where My Love Goes’

Lawson has dropped a new album this week on iTunes, available to pre-order. Perspective follows the first single “Money” and the second single which has just been released along with an amazing video that has twitter in a frenzy.

Directed by Mike Baldwin, Lawson’s new music video is a surreal momentous occasion that is usually reserved for a very intimate time in a couple’s life. Instead it is released out into the world and shared with thousands of fans and music lovers.


The intimate moment is, lead singer, Andy Brown proposing to his girlfriend. Joey McDowall is totally unaware of the entire plan. He gets down on one knee, whilst the band reveals a ‘will you marry me?’ light-up sign. Luckily she says ‘yes’. Similar to Maroon 5’s “Sugar”, taking the video outside the music video by having the band talk to the audience; they both allow the viewers into their lives and to believe they are involved, or at least a part of something.

As for the song, it’s sweet, lovely and beautiful. A perfect ode to Joey McDowell, that she’ll always pair with the day he proposed to her, whether she hears it on the radio, at home, at a Lawson concert or on her wedding day, this is her song and we get to experience it with her. The song was written by Andy Brown and Tim Woodcock. It has a similar feel as Taylor Swift’s “Love Story”.

For those of you who don’t know, Lawson are a four-piece band consisting of Andy Brown, Ryan Fletcher, Joel Peat and Adam Pitts. They got their name from a doctor who performed life-saving surgery on the lead singer. The group has had mild success in the UK and internationally, but they have yet to have a signature song, this could be the one.

Watch ‘Where My Love Goes’ below…

Where My Love Goes is out now on iTunes and Spotify. The album, Perspective, is expected to follow on 8th July.