Leave Me Alone – A Summery Syllabus of Spanish Surf-pop

Today Madrid-based lo-fi quartet Hinds release their long anticipated album, Leave Me Alone, through record label Lucky Number Music Ltd.

Composing the line-up are Carlotta Cosials, vocals and guitar, Ana Garcia Perrote, vocals and guitar, Ade Martin, bass, and Amber Grimbergen on drums. The band began as a germinal duo of Cosials and Perote who met through each other’s ex-boyfriends. Playing their music to a small fan-base in Madrid, the band soon took form with the new members, who together brought their summery sonorous sounds into the lo-fi lime-light.

Boasting as the first Spanish band to play the prestigious main stage at Glastonbury, the female four piece have had a hell of a year leading up to now, what with supporting gigs for Mac DeMarco, Palma Violets and The Vaccines, alongside two championed single releases.


It’s easy to hear what all this fuss for Hinds’ fuzzy pop is all about upon listening to Leave Me Alone. Drawing influence from the bluesy sounds of Hot Lips and lo-fi technician Ty Segall, Hinds recreate the rickety genre of garage-pop with their own Spanish touch. We’re immediately drawn in by the first track, Garden, a crunchy indie tune that teases of forgotten summers in the sunshine, and followed by a number of infectious numbers like the alluring yet messy Chili Town and the infectious San Diego, which you can hear below.

There is a youthful buzz and summery giddiness about Leave Me Alone that draws you in, churns you up in their kaleidoscopic chaos and leaves you staggering along an imaginary beach with the sun in your eyes wondering what happened. Definitely one to whack on the summer playlist this year.

You can download ‘Leave Me Alone’ on Itunes + or stream ‘Leave Me Alone’ on Spotify


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Photo Courtesy of HACHE