Less is more on Aminé’s ‘Campfire’

The 2017 XXL Freshman also directed the single’s music video, which features hip-hop group Injury Reserve

Almost one year on from his well-received debut album ‘Good For You’, which contained the multi-platinum single ‘Caroline’, Oregon rapper Adam Aminé Daniel, better known as Aminé, is keeping momentum going with his new single, ‘Campfire’, featuring Nathaniel Ritchie aka Ritchie With a T from the acclaimed Arizonan hip-hop group Injury Reserve.

‘Campfire’ is possibly the most low-key banger in Aminé’s discography, featuring production from Asa Taccone of the LA band Electric Guest, and is a further departure from the overtly joyful, melodic and R&B-infused modern hip-hop sounds the rapper was spitting on on his debut album. Following a sampled quote from the 1975 Blaxploitation film ‘Dolemite’, some smooth percussion and a throbbing sub-bass enter to form a tight groove – not at all dissimilar to the rhythm-heavy production on Injury Reserve’s single ‘See You Sweat’, or the early-mid 2000’s-inspired beat on Aminé’s ‘REDMERCEDES’, a track that referred to the same car the rapper is enamoured with on this single’s hook.

Much like the song’s beat, Amine and Ritchie keep it simple on ‘Campfire’, with each verse only lasting half a minute. Still, both rappers make up for this with catchy and often comedic bars, as well as a clear chemistry. The hook may be a little too low-key for some listeners to latch onto instantly, but underneath Aminé’s slightly monotonous delivery is a calm and effective swagger and an infectious flow.

A music video accompanying the single, which is directed by Daniel, has also been released. The clip showcases Aminé’s typical sense of humour, as he and Ritchie don brightly coloured wigs and drive around in the wilderness with the rest of Injury Reserve and Aminé’s posse, as well as discuss the pronunciation of the word ‘rural’.

Aminé is continuing to turn heads in the music scene, having just performed during Day 3 of the 2018 Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival. He will perform again at the festival in its second weekend. Injury Reserve is set to embark on a North American tour later this week, and are currently working on their upcoming studio album, following their excellent 2017 EP ‘Drive It Like It’s Stolen’.

Watch Campfire below…