Live Music: WET @ HOWLER

NYC trio filled the back room at HOWLER in Brunswick with their amazing electronic soul tunes at last night’s gig.

The set was pretty small, (only 8 songs with no encore) but that’s to be expected from a band that only currently has an 6 song EP out. The crowd was promised an album “soon” to quote lead singer, Kelly Zutrau, so that set list is sure to grow.
Zutrau doesn’t have a dominating stage presence in her oversized jumper and jeans but she does have this beautiful voice that commands the crowd to listen. She looks so comfortable up on stage in a room filled with cooler than cool people it was almost as if we were watching her rehearse in her living room. Obviously, her two band mates, Joe Valle (drums/percussion) and Marty Sulkow (guitar), were just as amazing, but it is definitely Zutrau who draws the audience’s attention.

The room was filled with every type of cool hipster you’ve ever seen riding their bikes to farmers markets and gallery openings. Girls with glitter eyeliner and green lipstick swayed to the amazing vocals and sang every word to well-known track ‘Dreams’ and guys with moustaches and space themed jumpers danced along with them.
WET is a band to watch for the future, I’m sure the new album that is set to be released at some point soon will only propel them into more popularity.
Check them out on Facebook for links to future gigs and where to stream their music

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