LIZ LOKRE builds the confidence to say “Buh Bye”

Are you ready to say: “Buh Bye”? I’m pretty sure I never am, but LIZ LOKRE sure is, and she’s singing about all our questions and feelings in this sultry relatable song that will surely give you the confidence to do what you need to do.

The song was produced by Adrian X and Jordan Reyes of BASECAMP; it’s a hypnotising confident song that is unforgettable in every way. It reminds us of Drake & Rihanna’s song “Too Good”; with LIZ LOKRE nailing the vocals and the emotion needed for this song.

Of the song, this female singer said: “This song is about the journey towards empowerment and how good it feels to confidently say ‘Buh Bye’ to anything that was holding me back”.

The music video was directed by Sean McBride & Caroline Torti; it was partly funded by MuchFACT. LIZ LOKRE is stylish and on point throughout. She exudes confidence in the music video, nailing the dance choreography, whilst effortlessly engaging the audience and getting across the meaning of the song.

It is a burst of colour in every single way. This female artist deserves so much more recognition as she styles out this music video and brings much-needed energy to the table. This is one music video we’ll be watching over and over.

LIZ LOKRE, previously known as Liz Loughrey, is a singer/songwriter from Toronto, Canada. It was only last year that she released her debut single “Rise Up!”, and she has been gaining momentum since that day. This song was released on 25 May and has already had over 150,000 plays on Spotify alone; as for the music video, that’s received over 4,800 views, which has been out for less than a month now. Keep your eyes on LIZ LOKRE because that is exactly what we’ll be doing.