Lots Holloway Wants Us All To “Slow Down” With Her EP

This new EP from Lots Holloway has certainly had us obsessed. “Slow Down” is a four-track EP that really showcases her voice and her journey as she continues her career in music. She fully embraces her tracks and it really reflects perfectly back to the listeners.

The EP was released on 4 October 2017 and it sure has us gripped. Lots Holloway impresses us with her stunning vocals from start to finish. She draws us in, taking us on a journey through her music, one we hope never ends when it comes to this EP.

This not only shows off Lots Holloway as just a great songwriter and exceptional vocalist, though. She has complete creative control over her music, which means all four tracks have been worked out in the studio by Lots Holloway, herself. She also has digital control too, which means the music videos, artwork, and press shots all come from her as well. Is there anything this talented female singer can’t/won’t do?

The EP starts off with introducing track “Slow Down”, which is also the title of the song as well as the lead single. A lyric video has also been released of the said song. It’s a rhythmically catchy track that really has a nice theme to it where she suggests that we all need to slow down and look around. It has a powerful and honest meaning behind the song and as it nears the end, she unleashes what’s inside so the listener can feel her passion.

This leads brilliantly into “Berry Bones” which certainly is an unforgettable title. The song itself is sweet and allows her to experiment with a bit of contemporary pop while keeping it dark, hypnotic, unique to her, and just as passionate as the first track. It’s followed by “Love Me, Though I’m Not Right”, which delves deeper into the dark side of her music as she hits those emotions we’ve all felt at some point. She takes us back to those times, and that’s what makes this track one of the best.

Yet, it’s the closing track “Between You And Me” that is certainly our favourite. It is also the most popular track on the EP according to Spotify streams. It has this raw intenseness about it that really comes through Lots Holloway’s vocals. She literally pours all of herself into the track and that’s why it truly is our favourite.

“Slow Down” EP from Lots Holloway is available to download and stream right now. It was released on Why I? Records via Absolute.

Lots Holloway comes from a small town in Cornwall, UK. She started writing songs at a young age and also taught herself how to play different instruments – drums, guitar, bass, and the piano. As she continued to grow she merged them along with her lyrics which led her to craft and create her own songs. Now residing in London, she is focusing on her music and proving that she has what it takes to become a successful singer-songwriter; and, we have faith that she can do just that.