The Low Down On Tove Styrke’s ‘On The Low’

Electro-pop songwriter and singer Tove Anna Linnéa Östman Styrke is breaking ground with her new single ‘On The Low’ and her upcoming album ‘Sway’ (May 4th). Tove ascends to new heights as her music ventures in more minimalistic soundscapes while her lyricism and vocal ability ooze of confidence. ‘On The Low’ is the cornerstone of Tove’s vulnerable/confident dichotomy with eager fans hoping for much more of the same pending the full album release. 

The vulnerable side to Tove Styrke is her relatable words which comfortably form an emotion-laden narrative. It’s as if we as listeners, are hearing her diary entries spill forth without censorship or worry of being caught. In this way, the listener is welcomed to hear Tove’s doubts, on whether they (the potential couple), have been “spending way too many nights” versus her powerful affirmation on how she doesn’t want to “waste time” waiting for the other to decide, if they are ready. She confesses “I’m gonna end up so miserable” if they keep “playing it cool” and don’t unite – “you and I, with no space in between”. This open vulnerability bodes well for two reasons:  firstly, music fans love a great romantic love ballad, and secondly, her clear message leaves no question mark on her feelings towards her current fling whilst also radiating her intentions to other potential crushes, if this falls through.

The confident side to Tove Styrke emerges second as we have come to understand she doesn’t want her feelings for her new interest to remain “on the low”. This fresh wave of confidence is found in her vocal range, intonation and clarity. Tove unleashes her vocal arsenal unheard before on previous albums, as she exhibits this freedom intertwined with minimalist backing tracks produced/curated by Elof Loelv. Alike most prominent popstars, her ability to craft a personal song into such a bouncy, catchy, and at times upbeat hit, proves Tove Styrke isn’t afraid to look on the bright-side of dating’s trials and tribulations. Although ‘On The Low’ is yet to have a formal music clip to accompany this single’s release, Tove is also known to dance with colourful enthusiasm to drive home her song’s message and express her freedom through art. 

These two elements of vulnerability and confidence blend perfectly for Styrke making you wonder whats next…

Listen to ‘On the Low’ below…

Tove Styrke Australia Tour

Sydney’s Oxford Art Factory on Tuesday the 10th of April
Melbourne’s Howler on Thursday the 12th of April