Lykke Li Shares Tracks from Upcoming Album “So Sad So Sexy”

The Swedish pop star, actress and model Lykke Li teases fans today with two new singles to kickstart her announcement of his fourth album “So Sad So Sexy”. The releases, which will be a part of the album release on June 8, includes single “Deep End” and an additional track “Hard Rain”.

Accompanied by trap-style percussions and her iconic dream-pop synths, both “Deep End” and “Hard Rain” narrate the struggles of the 32-year old singer with her lover who had plunged her into an unrequited hope.

Prior to the release, Li has accumulated noticeable success, whether it is by having her second album “Wounded Rhymes” as the “Album Of The Year” on New York Times and Rolling Stone or performing at globe-wide concerts such as Coachella and Glastonbury Festival.

Outside her solo career, Li is also a member of the band “LIV”, whose members range from Bruno Mars’ 24k Magic co-producer Andrew Wyatt to the one-half of the duo “Bloodshy & Avant” Pontus Winnberg.


1. hard rain 
2. deep end                              
3. two nights (feat. Aminé)                            
4. last piece                                     
5. jaguars in the air                   
6. sex money feelings die          
7. so sad so sexy                       
8. better alone                         
9. bad woman                           
10. utopia

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