Made in Iran.

The ways we consume film and television are changing. It’s all ‘on-demand’ — what you want, how you want it, when you want it. So it’s little surprise, then, that adventurous young filmmakers are taking the evolution of the industry in stride and releasing their hard-work to a global audience on the worldwide web.

17© CTM Docs, Made in Iran, 2016. Photographer: Adam McCauley.

One such project is a new short documentary by Scottish director Charlotte Scott-Wilson. Called Made in Iran, the film follows the story of two Iranian street artists, Icy & Sot, who risked their lives and freedom to create their art and then risked never being able to visit their loved ones in Iran, again.

Known as the so-called ‘Banksy’s of Iran’, Icy & Sot are brother-artists who create murals which shine a light on the problems and worries of the Iranian people — their people. Arrested several times in Iran for their brazen artworks, which focus strongly on socio-political and human rights, the brother’s art and hearts eventually caught the right eye, and earned them the chance of a lifetime.

18© CTM Docs, Made in Iran, video still, 2016.

Invited to travel to NYC to put together a solo exhibition of their work, the unique opportunity presented Icy & Sot with an equally unique problem — once they left Iran, they’d never be able to return. There’s no way back.

The documentary’s director Charlotte Scott-Wilson is Scottish and studied at the Dutch Film Academy. Her films are unapologetically cutting and visceral, all a part of her passion for telling confronting stories in the most accessible of ways.

Scott-Wilson’s first short film Forever After premiered at the Palm Springs Festival, and Hold On, a more recent effort, premiered at The TRIBECA Film Festival where it won Best Narrative Short. It is now shortlisted for the Oscars.

19© CTM Docs, Made in Iran, video still, 2016.

It can often feel as though we are offered one version of the same story, over and over again; but Made in Iran is not the same story. It is it’s own story — a unique and emotional story of human sacrifice, passion and opportunity.

There are faces behind the headlines and real flesh-and-blood people behind the airbrushed news bulletins we’re fed, and by all accounts, Made in Iran is a short documentary which brings that reality home.

20© CTM Docs, Made in Iran, video still, 2016.

It offers us the opportunity to relate to one story, two people, and their lives, and forces us to try and comprehend a reality that is easy to assume we know, but the hardships of which are utterly foreign and vital to better understand.

© CTM Docs, Made in Iran, video still, 2016.