Maggie Rogers brings back 70’s summer vibe with ‘Give A Little’ video

Maggie Rogers have unveiled her new music video for ‘Give A Little’ which she co-directed with Alan Del Rio Ortiz. Maggie gave a teaser of the video on the instagram page by showing a group chat with college mates Rachel Matthews and Camila Mendes. The video while very much leave you wanting to skate and maybe even get a pair of killer cowboy boots.

This is what Rogers had to say about the video:

“I had so much fun directing this video alongside Alan Del Rio Ortiz, says Rogers.  I was obsessed with 70s skate culture in high school and really just wanted to have a silly day recreating my favorite scenes from Lords of Dogtown and paying homage to my favorite Farrah Fawcett photos. Those early skate videos feel so raw and powerful, it was important to me to show that that energy could also be female.  It was super special to have my two college pals, Rachel Matthews and Camila Mendes, along for the ride. We’ve been friends since the first week of our freshman year, but our schedules have gotten so beautifully and amazingly kind of crazy since we graduated a couple years ago. It was so much fun just to spend the day dancing and giggling with each other like the old days.”

Watch ‘Give A Little’ below…