Mahalia muses on long-distance love with ‘Surprise Me’

British songstress Mahalia has released a new track titled ‘Surprise Me’, which acts as the lead single from her upcoming EP ‘Seasons’.

Despite being signed to a major record label since the age of 13, the RNB singer recently hit her stride, making waves last year with the insanely catchy, upbeat breakup anthem ‘Sober’. A string of singles has followed since then, including ‘I Wish I Missed My Ex’, ‘No Pressure’ & ‘Hold On’, which features a little help from Compton native, Buddy. Featuring 5 new tracks, ‘Seasons’ will be the vocalist’s first project since 2016’s ‘Diary of Me’, and will hopefully act as a prelude to a new full-length LP.

Like many of her recent singles, ‘Surprise Me’ sees Mahalia musing about a broken relationship, over a mid-tempo, guitar-laden instrumental. ‘We used to just be different postcodes, now it’s time zones’ details a love turned long-distance, reflecting on the hardships of an inter-continental relationship. Throughout the track, the singer makes it clear that the intense connection with her partner has now turned one-sided, with the soulful chorus echoing Mahalia’s disappointment and the lack of effort on her partner’s side.

Evocative of past tracks ‘Sober’ and ‘No Reply’, Mahalia knows exactly how to conjure up pure emotion and soul. Ever the talented storyteller, the singer is able to take her audience on a vivid journey within the time-span of just a few minutes, and is able to have you relating to her stories regardless of whether you’ve been through similar events or not. She does it again with ‘Surprise Me’, drawing from recent activities in her life, including her newfound success –closing out the track with muses of her ex-boy wanting to come to her shows, but she has enough closure to refuse his presence and move on.

If the lead single is anything to go by, ‘Seasons’ is gearing up to be an essential listen – and Mahalia is definitely cementing her status as one of the key players in RNB right now. The EP will be available on September 21, but till then, check out ‘Surprise Me’ to tide you over: