Mamas Farewell Ding Dong With A Bang

There’s nothing like a sequin-studded shout chorus to get the party started – and the was certainly no shortage of either when The Mamas took the stage for the closing night at Ding Dong Lounge. The venue’s last hurrah was packed to the rafters, with punters braving driving rain to get down with the 8-piece hip hop/soul/RnB extravaganza.

The power and dynamism of the female voice was on full display, as Mamas Sugar, Spicy, Saucy and Smoky threw down high-energy melodies, riffs and spoken word. The group hit their stride on ‘Biscuit’, with well-executed four-part harmony interspersed with scat lines. The tune was one of several premised on playful, food-related innuendo; the stage suggestively decked out with plastic fruit to match. While The Mamas’ irreverent humour worked the crowd, it was also a means of critiquing the objectification of women and exploring notions of female empowerment.

As is common with big stage bands, balance was an issue; vocal tone rarely benefits in competition with a rhythm section spurred on by a full house. That being said, the ensemble operated as a unit, trading solos across the stage and coming back together with well-timed hits and grooves. More importantly, The Mamas deliver a convincing live show – and if they can get the people going for sneads, you know they’re going places.

Catch The Mamas with Le Fleur @ Belleville on 10 February. Free entry.


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