Manel Navarro releases music video for new single “Candle”

It’s out. It’s been dropped. The music video we have all been waiting for is here! Manel Navarro has released this very hippy music video for his debut single on Sony Music, “Candle”. As previously mentioned in my single review, “Candle” is an upbeat summer guitar hit that will definitely be stuck in your head for some time.

The music video dropped on 10 July 2016, already gaining over a thousand views. Directed by Willy Rodriguez, the video accompanies the song effortlessly, bringing in the summer rays and adding a feel-good element.

At first it seems like a normal guitar song where Manel Navarro serenades a gorgeous woman, but anyone who has listened to the audio version would know that this is not true. As soon as the infectious pop beats kick in, colour filters transition the video switching it up along with the song.

It visualises a relationship with Manel Navarro and his love interest, played by actress Jessica Goicoechea, who look perfect for each other. They attend a beach party with their friends, which continues to keep shining.

Watch the summery video below…

Manel Navarro recently won Catalonia’s Teen Star in Spain, that launched his first single “Brand New Day”. A year later; he is now under Sony Music, sporting a different style, image wise, and has a more upbeat sound. “Candle” is the song with the catchy beat that you’ll no doubt be playing on repeat.


“Candle” is available on iTunes and Spotify

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