Marian Hill debuts new single “Differently”

Platinum-certified Philadelphia duo Marian Hill have released their new single “Differently” and it just may be the perfect break up song.

The track is a follow up from the pair’s previously released single ‘Subtle Thing’ off their upcoming LP release Unusually.

With lyrics like ‘tell me, can she sing like me? /She a king like me?’, it’s easy to assume this song is about a scorned lover. After absorbing the infectious vocal melodies that kick in after the electro-pop synth bass line which forms the back bone of the track, it feels as though it was written by the best friend you didn’t know you needed; the one that tells you, in the most silky, smooth voice possible, to reframe the situation from ‘catastrophe’ to ‘good life choice’.

“People often think Marian Hill is the name of a woman”, says singer Samantha Gongol, “but we are two songwriters who made a name for ourselves by making minimal, strong, sexy, confident music.”

Unusually is due for release on May 11. Listen to “Differently” here…