Marsicans Released “Far Away (Saudade)” From Upcoming EP

Big month for the Leeds boys this June because of two things: 

One, they just dropped their latest single “Far Away (Saudade)” and second: Glastonbury. It made its first appearance in Clash Music and will also be one of the songs you’ll get in their upcoming EP, “The Absence” due to be released this summer. The song itself fits perfectly for the season. It’s summery tunes could bright up Britain’s rainiest summer day (yeah, that’s how summer works here, in Britain).

Melodic guitar, catchy lyric and enthusiastic beats wrapped in James and Rob’s vocals resulting in a song that you won’t be able to tune out in your head, once you’ve listened to it. “So when you can’t convey / can’t find the words to say / you’re feeling Saudade you know / I’ll never be that far away.” Trust me, because I find it difficult to shake the song out of my head even when my ears aren’t listening to it.

As for the second news: They’ll be performing at this year’s Glastonbury, playing at the BBC Introducing stage. No big deal. If you’re coming to Glasto and have never heard of these guys live, this is the perfect time for you to change that. But if you can’t (booo), you can still catch them in any of these gigs/festivals:

June 26 – Glastonbury Festival
July 2 – Manchester, Night & Day Cafe
July 8 – Leeds, Chapel FM (live in session)
July 22 – Sheffield, The Forum (with Flyte)
July 30 – Kendal Calling Festival

And to get your daily dose of Marsicans, you can check them out here:


Photo Courtesy Portia Hunt