Melbourne Polytechnic Bachelor of Illustration: Graduate Exhibition 2017

Fifteen new graduates showcase their best illustrative work in Melbourne Polytechnic’s Graduate Exhibition at Off the Kerb.  Aptly named, STOKED, the exhibition celebrates the achievements of graduates from the only Bachelor of Illustration program in Australia.

Viewers are mesmerised by the level of detail and dedication found in every piece. Collectively these works are a window into the future of illustration within Australia and the wider world.

Hand painted skate deck by Juan Gomez

It is wonderful to admire the talent of artists and the blood, sweat and tears that go into each illustration. What’s even more wonderful is to find yourself imagining the rest of the story that each illustration evokes. STOKED does exactly that as viewers find themselves daydreaming about characters, conflicts and chronicles.

Water coloured painting by Shandika Mileva

Be inspired and show your encouragement for these artists who now have the exciting (and daunting!) task of taking off their student hat and putting on a chapeau fit for a graduate.

Stoked will run at Off the Kerb until November 23, 2017.  

Opening times: Thurs & Fri 12:30- 6 | Sat & Sun 12 – 5

Location: 66B Johnston St, Collingwood, VIC, 3066



Credit - Kyles Honeyman