#meNOmore – The Fight against Sexual Violence in the Music Industry

Enough is enough

Recently, a light has been shone on sexual harassment and assault within the film and television industry, exposing the horrific behaviour (and in some cases crimes) of  Harvey Weinstein, Kevin Spacey and many more. This revolution has leaked into many other industries with the rise of Tarana Burke’s #MeToo movement (which was also initially created in reaction to anti-black and racial domination, as well as sexual harassment and violence) and now it’s music’s turn with the trending #meNOmore.

As of late Tuesday afternoon (12th of December), over 360 women including the likes of The Veronicas, Tina Arena, Courtney Barnett, Sarah Blasko, Missy Higgins and Jenny Morris have signed an open letter regarding sexual assault and harassment within Australia’s music industry.

Many of these women have already spoken out about sexism within the music industry. Tina Arena has stated at the 2015 Aria awards that:“Women and men of all ages have something interesting to say but what I have struggled with is the complete ostracisation of a woman [in the music industry] at a certain age,”

The anonymous authors of the Australian letter wrote: “As Hollywood led the #MeToo movement and stories started breaking around the world, we found ourselves offering strength to our friends and colleagues who had their own stories to share – both publicly and in whispered circles. It’s become clear that the magnitude of #MeToo extends to our own shores and to our own industry.” 

The letter also consists of stories of sexual harassment, violence, sexist comments and many other vulgar, inexcusable behaviour. (you can read them in the official letter). These stories are not only real but they aren’t uncommon, they happen because people in power (or believe they are in power) take advantage of others trying to pursue their dreams. Sexual harassment and/or assault should not be a vile initiation into any sort of industry, whether it be in Australia or the rest of the world.

The full letter and the application to sign it can be found here