Salt Eyes

Salt Eyes

Middle Kids
Release date: 11 September 2018

Middle Kids share “Salt Eyes”

A beautiful, enlightened hangover

Middle Kids frontwoman Hannah Joy described a ‘salt eye’ as the red, dehydrated crust after a big night and a big cry, “when you try to live large, but actually it makes you feel small.” Their new single is appropriately cathartic, a release as you emerge from the haze of last night’s self indulgence, somewhere between finding your phone and plotting on feeling human again.

The animated video puts Joy’s lyrics front and center, following the indie rock tradition of listing the mundane minutiae she’s sick of seeing every weekend: “at your stupid party, no-one danced, T-shirts, obsolete DVDS, all these novels, I bet you’ll never read.” Her verses drip with grunge and restlessness, she’s aware of the cycle she’s trapped in, but realising comes a long time before breaking out. I’m not having fun anymore, but how long until we stop showing up to these things all together?

Recorded with Ryan Adams in Los Angeles, the Sydney trio have struck gold with the most engaging song of their young career. The fed-up vocals, big chorus, distorted feedback and soaring guitars are all done in perfect moderation. It’s not trying too hard to be played in huge venues, but probably could anyway.  A wonderfully fragile rock song for your next Morning After.