They Might Have Loved NoMBe More After His Debut Record

“They Might’ve Even Loved Me” is Noah McBeth’s bold statement of an album title. It’s a line that casts doubt, projecting his feelings stemming from (former) relationships with women. The women range from one night stands of passionate affairs, to lifelong relatives including his mother and god-mother revealing their best advice bestowed upon him.  Okay, enough psychological analysis – the albums typography of this line on the album art is reminiscent of 1960s – 70s psychedelic rock. The cover art could also be likened to the era of ‘free love’ as his body lay amongst a bed of naked females of differing skin tones.

NoMBe crafts an instantaneously connective sound which is easy going yet groovy enough to sway or slow dance to. On ‘Man Up’, we find this groove pulsating across the duration of the track, unexpectedly met by a dubstep breakdown towards its conclusion. Lyrically, the opening line “I wonder who’s to blame”…  “Ten bucks say it’s a man” affirms the listener from the get-go the feminist beliefs instilled in Noah. ‘Eden’ is biblical reference to the garden which is confirmed through the line “I’m ready to repent”. We come to assume NoMBe has bitten the metaphorical apple and as such continued on the path of morally questionable behaviour for his quest of love. ‘Young Hearts’ continues this trend of infatuation as he recounts “almost fainting” upon meeting an angelic lady. Guitar riffs are blended seamlessly with electronic downtempo music to dramatize this encounter as beautiful and meaningful.

NoMBe’s possibilities for a personality, theme and instrumental shift are most evident on tracks which feature collaborating artists. Combining with Big Data on the track ‘Drama’ and New Mystics on their track ‘Can’t Catch Me’, helps explore his penchant for rock music alongside his natural tendency to make soulful tunes. However the most noteworthy addition to the album’s shift would have to be his relatively unused skills as a poet discovered on ‘A Million Miles From Crescent Skies’. “We exercise our right to fly” Noah exclaims, as a confessional regarding how he feels freedom from a feminist perspective. ‘Rocky Horror’ displays its outlying qualities as a melancholic intermission which Noah felt necessary to include in the final cut of his debut record. The vibrating acoustic notes underline the existential crisis going on – “Won’t make it out of here alive … Time in this box is split entirely with my friends”.

When highlighting two tracks ‘Bad Girls’ & ‘Sex On Drugs’, along with the album as a whole, it’s become apparent (like everyone else) NoMBe is a product of his environment; more than the lessons learnt from women. The musical influences/similarities that span from his male counterparts can be understood as sharing likenesses of Frank Ocean’s smooth nature, Miguel’s adoration of the female form and all things sexual, Portugal The Man’s rocky vibe and Milky chance’s nuanced yet fun instrumentals. Pertaining to the last reference of musical connections, NoMBe and Milky Chance share a Germany upbringing, initially explaining how artists evolve based on their culture.

On ‘Milk & Coffee’, my headline comes full circle as he questions if the female protagonist will still have feelings for him come morning time. My answer resides in the theory, that had Noah learnt these lessons earlier, ‘They might have loved him’.


Debut Album “They Might’ve Even Loved Me” Out Now


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5/08: Philadelphia, PA @ The Foundry
5/01:Dallas, TX @ Trees
5/02: Austin, TX @ The Parish
5/04: Nashville, YV @ Mercy Lounge
5/06:Charlotte, NC @ Underground
5/08: Philadelphia, PA @The Foundry

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