Mira Aasma releases ‘Whale Song’

If you are currently experiencing/fearing/preparing for a midlife crisis – this may not be the article for you (but also don’t worry, I’m sure you’re doing great).

As a 19 year old, Mira Aasma is producing a sound that has captivated and challenged global audiences. The Swedish teen’s vocal ability has been compared to the likes of Florence Welsh (Florence and the Machine). Now, on the back of local appreciation from previous single, Ghost, born Aasma is taking her talents abroad. And she’s got plenty of it. On top of having a world class set of pipes, Aasma has not only written but has also arranged and produced all of the songs on her upcoming EP, Stereoscope.

The first single off the EP was released last week through Birds Records. ‘Whale Song’ features the soothing vocals of Aasma, exhibiting a lower register while still hinting at her ability to soar. In what can be initially decontextualizing, these vocals are paired with an uncharacteristic electronic baseline, drawing further comparisons to the likes of London Grammar and Daughter. What makes this particular pairing successful however, is the change of pace throughout the song. The track is constantly building instrumentally with the electronic beat climbing into a consistent bass drum. This pattern creates an ample sense of space as no one facet of the song is disproportionately overbearing.

We fall and rise all the way to the final ascension in which we are exposed to the heights of an Aasma vocal. And ultimately, that’s just what this is; a mere glimpse. Lofty, sonorous and captivatingly eerie, ‘Whale Song’ has all the characteristics of a talent that is seemingly limitless.