MØ’s ‘Nostalgia’ is an infectious anthem for days gone by

The release of the new single has been accompanied by an intimate lyric video.

Danish pop sensation Karen Marie Ørsted, better known as MØ, has released a new single entitled ‘Nostalgia’. The song is the 6th single released by the artist in recent years that is not yet attached to a full-length release, though the singer has promised that there is more music coming this year.

A lyric video for the single, curated by the singer’s parents, has also been released. The video features a series of photographs from Ørsted’s childhood and teenage years, adding to the emotional impact of an already deeply personal track.

On the surface, ‘Nostalgia’ seems to be a reflection on romantic relationships from the past. On closer inspection, given the video that accompanies it, the track is more reminiscent of the singer’s youth in general, and the love and joy associated with that time that the singer now longs for.

Despite the moving lyricism, the song is no less a dancefloor filler than any of the singer’s previous singles. ‘Nostalgia’ features a dancehall groove (which MØ fans would certainly be accustom to by now) that’s complimented by bright guitars and some colourful xylophone lines in the chorus, as well as some smooth, R&B-tinged electric piano chords leading up to the chorus. The group vocals that enter in the track’s hook, later adding some gorgeous harmonies, makes the track even more irresistible.

Watch the lyric video below…