My Journey To The Most Extreme Fetishes On The Internet

We all watch porn, don’t deny it. Some of us search the standard “sexy brunette stripping on webcam” and some of us search “sexy brunette bukkake gangbang” to get off.

As extreme as gangbang porn may seem, it’s pretty much accepted as a standard thing to search nowadays in terms of finding a porn clip to bust out a few knuckle children.

I mention all this because the other week I stumbled across an article about the most extreme fetishes that people have on the Internet. It touched on decapitation, dead body, murder and cannibalism fetishes just to name a few.

Now my first thought was why!? How could people actually get sexually aroused to the idea of a girl getting her head cut off!? Nowhere in the article could I find an explanation and after hours of searching other articles with little to no information on the actual personal reasons for these desires, I decided to find and join one of these websites and talk to people and find out more about why these fetishes seem so appealing.

If you have a weak stomach, here’s a warning: it gets worse. Much worse.

I found a few websites in my search for a website that hosted the most intense fetishes but most were shut down or had little to no activity. A few hours later I hit pay dirt. I found a website that seemed to be a playground for the most horrible fetishes imaginable. Straight away I was greeted by pictures of attractive young women who appeared to have bullet holes in their heads and breasts. Here we go I thought.

Now straight away it’s obvious these girls aren’t really dead. There are quite a few (low budget) companies that make porn movies tailored to all kinds of extreme fetishes, but even with make up and fake film props, what they were representing still shocked me. Yet I still wanted to know more. Who are these people that watch this stuff? Are they serial killers in training? Did they have a shitty childhood? Would these people ever try and re-enact these movies?

So I made an account, logged in and began joining discussion groups in hopes of finding someone that would talk to me and answer some of my questions. Every time I joined a group that catered for a specific fetish, I felt like I was opening a door and interrupting a circle full of people sitting in chairs like some kind of “Extreme Fetishes Anonymous”. The room becoming silent as I introduce myself like a first timer and try and awkwardly strike up a conversation with the person next to me with no avail.

The first group I walked in on was a group that catered to, I guess what could be described as a “recipe fetish”. It was a group of about 10-15 people where they would swap recipes on the best way to cook a body part, such as crispy toes, succulent cheek stew and boiled breast soup to name a few. (Won’t see that on Master Chef).

From what I could tell, as no one was seeming to want to talk to an outsider, was that these people have a sexual desire to cook people and eat them. None mentioned or gave away hints, in a public forum anyway, that they had actually consumed human flesh or were planning to do so. It seemed only to be a fantasy, nothing more.
After a joining a few other groups such as “Decapitation Fantasies”, “Sexy Dead Girls” and “Gut Stabbing Fetish Kings”, I received a message, from a guy with a profile picture of someone’s stomach being stabbed with a knife, saying he was willing to talk to me about why he was into this stuff. I told him, like I told everyone, that I would not include any personal information at all and he requested not even his user name to be mentioned.

I thought I’d jump straight in and ask him what his fetish was.

His reply was “my fetish is being stabbed or shot in the belly by a sexy girl or otherwise stabbing or shooting a sexy woman in the belly”. When I asked him if he had experimented with this fetish in real life, he replied “no not yet unfortunately” and then didn’t reply to any other messages I sent him thereafter. Good first start.

I sent out message after message to people in these groups but didn’t get much response. Luckily one man replied back and this time actually held a conversation. He went by a single name and had no profile picture.

He told me he has a fetish for necrophilia and when asked if this fetish was just a fantasy or had he ever thought about attempting necrophilia in real life his reply was “I would. It’s 50/50 on the fantasy/wish it was real. I almost accidentally killed my ex twice with our asphyxiation games. The truth is, if I could have gotten away with it, I probably would have let her die and fucked her body afterwards. I would love to find another woman/girl to do it with but it probably won’t happen. I also have fantasies about young girls”.

Well, at least he replied to my message.

When asked how young and why he has a fetish for necrophilia, his reply was “12-16. You can do anything you can imagine to a dead girl and she won’t say no”, then sent another message saying “I do hope you’re not done”. I wasn’t, but fuck he was making me wish I was.

I asked “So with the age, why the attraction to younger girls? Why the attraction to dead bodies? Is it a power/dominance thing or something else?”
“More of a power thing. Dead girls don’t say no. As far as the young girls, its because they are sweet and innocent. Being the first to have them would be great. Especially if she becomes slutty”.

I thought I’d try and probe deeper to try and understand why he would have these thoughts and desires.

“How was your childhood? Do you consider you had a “normal” upbringing?”
“Actually yes. I didn’t have many friends and when I was in the 7th grade the popular kids played a very cruel joke on me. They embarrassed me by having a girl act like she liked me, tease me to arousal, then I was made fun of”.

“Do you think that plays a part in your fetishes?”
“I think it does, considering I’ve fantasized several times about killing the girl that did it”.

He was clearly hurt by a traumatic incident as a child which resulted in his fetishes of power over women, but that was “his” reason. Was that the average reason for most people on this site? I had to know more.

I then came across a man that I messaged who has a fetish for cutting up women and eating them. He seemed nice.

I started by asking him if his acts of cannibalism are fantasies or if he has ever had thoughts about eating girls in real life. “Well, I have read accounts of real-life cannibalism with fascination (google Issei Sagawa for an example), but when I think it through rationally, I think that those are sick people trapped in a nightmare”.

“Can you explain what you feel when you think about eating girls? Why do you fantasize about it?”
“Eating a person is the ultimate sign of affection. Yes it is combined with that form of aggression now termed “cute aggression.” That’s the urge people express to bite or grab something extremely adorable, like a puppy or baby”.

“Do you consider yourself to live a normal life? Do you ever crave for a life of cannibalism?”
“I have a wonderful normal life. I don’t confuse my fantasy (which can be very intense at times) with reality. I don’t confuse the intensity of that symbolism with the real world or project it there. That’s what leads to delusions, eventually mental illness and criminal acts. 

I am very contented in my life. My fantasies, including roleplaying with like-minded women is just icing on the cake”.

In a weird, and fucked up way, it seemed to be very emotional for him. A way of showing the ultimate affection for someone by eating them.

I could see his point of view and he seemed to be making sense to me.

That was until he left with this message.

“For me, it’s the most intimate of all “dark” fetishes. Think about it…you kill a woman. Then what? Fuck her? Sure, why not, before and after! And then throw her in the dumpster? Then you didn’t love her. It’s sacrilege! Cold-hearted! No!!! You eat her and you don’t throw away a thing! If you don’t want a part of the body, give it to your dog!”

That’s where he lost me.

I talked to a few other people and even though their fetishes were all different, one word kept getting flagged. Emotional. The majority of people willing to speak to me, which wasn’t many, all seemed to mention the intensively emotional side to their fetish.

Even though I do not share these peoples fetish of decapitation and cannibalism, I guess I can understand their emotional reasons. I got me thinking about why I like my fetishes so much (which is incredibly tame compared to these guys).

If you have any fetishes, have you ever stopped and thought “why am I into this? What specifically about this do I find so sexual?”

Anyway, I’ll let you get back to your porn search.