New Music: The Wombats – Glitterbug

Glitterbug is the newest album from the Wombats and it just dropped today. But you might not be expecting this more serious tone from the classic Indie rock-pop kings that you’ve heard in the previous two albums. A guide to Love, Loss and Desperation (2007) and This Modern Glitch (2011) set the tone as dance anthems for the band from Liverpool. But with four years between drinks The Wombats have proven themselves as some serious musicians. That’s not to say this album is any less the lighthearted indie rock we know and love, but there is a definite shift in direction towards a more meaningful lyrical experience, if that is even a thing.

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The album starts with ‘Emoticons’. A bit of a slower back beat that you’re used to, but the same lyrical genius The Wombats deliver across the board. ‘This is not a Party’ is a return to the upbeat tunes of the past two albums but with the new lyrical work that the band has clearly developed over the past few years. Greek Tragedy and Your Body Is A Weapon are two other singles that appear on the album. A standout track for me is ‘The English Summer’ which has a more rock vibe than a lot of the other tracks on the album.

The whole album is excellent and can be streamed on Spotify