Niall Horan goes solo with debut single ‘This Town’

It’s been a big freaking week for us directioners. First Harry Styles appeared as the star for Another Man on three, I repeat THREE magazine covers and secondly, everyone’s favourite Irishman, Niall Horan dropped his first solo single, ‘This Town’ with zero warning. So presumably we lost the ability to breathe, speak and exist.

Nialler has taken a ‘chonce’ and lent his hand to his trusty ol’ guitar, taking on an acoustic ballad that oozes major Ed Sheeran vibes with a folky touch. The tune is wistful yet bittersweet, Niall’s mellow voice and gentle pluck of guitar strings, serenading a lost lover, “Everything comes back to you”, he croons.

And just to hit us in the feels even more, a stripped down, black and white video of Niall performing ‘This Town’ accompanied the singles release. Cue the tears fam.

Niall revealed that the track was penned while backpacking throughout Southeast Asia at the start of One Direction’s hiatus.

Backpacking kind of normalized my life I suppose. I definitely learned a lot on that trip,” he said on the Zach Sang Show.

So with Niall’s fresh new deal with Capitol Records amidst the plotting of his fellow 1d members solo careers, the one question shunned by all directioners regretfully bubbles to the surface – is One Direction kaput for good?

Our fingers and toes are crossed for a reunion sometime soon, but for the moment we are glad that Niall is back where we love him the most: in the studio and our Spotify playlists.