Nicki Minaj releases fierce new single ‘Barbie Tingz’

Nicki Minaj has released two new tracks alongside each other; ‘Barbie Tingz’ and ‘Chun-Li’. Both tracks were co-produced by Minaj as she teamed up with Chevy Music for ‘Barbie Tings’ and J.Reid for ‘Chun-Li’.

Nicki Minaj again proves that she is truly dominating the hip-hop scene with her double release. ‘Barbie Tingz’ is all flow from the get go as she raps over bouncy bass line and spacey beats. She sings with a croaky and almost ironically sweet voice as she sings ‘I’m a bad bitch/fuck the bitch/bitch get slick/better cut the bitch/I’m a bad bitch/suck some dick…’ while the majority of the song is rapped aggressively.

Minaj, who’s image has been compared to Lady Gaga in the past, sure knows how to pack a punch visually as well as through her raps. While we’ve only seen the music video teaser, fans of her colourful and zany costumes are sure to be satisfied with shots of Minaj sporting a bright, plastic – yet minimalistic ensemble, complete with what looks very reminiscent of pool floaties on her arms.

Having recently caught up with DJ, record producer and television presenter Zane Lowe to discuss her new releases, Nicki Minaj opened up about the perception of herself and other female artists: ‘It was a part of the reason I stepped away from social media because Nicki Minaj is not all about posting photos, I really make music, I really write my own music and I have been writing my own music since the day I stepped in the game and I’ve never stopped’.

She went on to say:’There are certain artists that when you think about them past their visuals…[and] I need people to do that with me because I really do this; I really go into the studio by myself, just me and my engineer, and work, and create amazing things, and I think for women; and female rappers, up and coming, they need to know that they can do that; that they don’t need to go in a studio with a bunch of men telling them what to say.

More Barbie Tingz are on the way with the full music video yet to be released. For now, you can check out the teaser or the full track on the official lyric video.