Nicky Davey Releases Music Video For ‘Oxygen’

Los Angeles based duo, Nicky Davey, recently released the music video for their new single Oxygen. The track is the first single from their upcoming album XXX which is set to be released sometime later this year. Nicky Davey was formed back in 2011 when Nick Green and Dave Rosser developed their unique sound after creating music under various aliases until they found their signature sound. After working with the Internet on their track Ego Death, the boys got the opportunity to work with long-time collaborator and friend, Syd Tha Kyd for Oxygen.

Nicky Davey’s Oxygen is a stunning and sensual slice of modern-pop, featuring Nick Green’s soulful vocals over the top of catchy and smooth production. The track, which was written by Syd Tha Kyd, is about the early stages of love. Nick says, ‘I wanted to be honest to myself and others about the way I felt. I feel like as songwriters we all write songs in some shape or form about our love interest/inspiration’. The music video for Oxygen was directed by Dan Stowell and Rich Yodsukar. The music video features Tosha Eason, the individual who inspired the writing process and with the black-and-white visuals accentuating the rawness of the song, highlighting that honeymoon period of a relationship.

You can download Nicky Davey’s new single Oxygen now on iTunes