The Uniformity of Nicolas Grigorian

Tbilisi Fashion Week F/W 2017

It may not be one of the four fashion capitals, but Tbilisi is quickly becoming a hotpot for many fashion bona fides with the Georgian capital being known for perhaps, helming one of the best industry exports, Demna Gvasalia (head of Balenciaga and Vetements), in its name. Tbilisi Fashion Week, in its own right is full of unique and eclectic designers and characters, slowly but surely making their mark into the industry’s international list of fame.

Nicolas Grigorian is a Georgian designer that needs to be kept an eye on – with a collection that exuded a feminine accent on masculine silhouettes of refined shapes, there was just something so nostalgic about the looks that came down the runway for his F/W 2017 collection.

With models clacking down the runway in T-Bar Mary Janes and looks, countering a hued palette of grey, black and the occasional splash of a coloured bottoms or skirt, it was a mid-1990s moment of being back in high school. Think, a typical all-girls boarding school scene with matching and bland uniforms, only to be rehashed into more modernised and preppy looks with exaggerated shapes and sizes of oversized blazers, coats, tailored pants and skirts that’d be deemed simply too short for any head mistress to comprehend. Thank god these are looks for beyond the educational grounds.

Nicolas Grigorian F/W 2017 Best Looks

While most of the looks that appeared were relaxed and sleek, most seemed to be melting into the background of the venue which matched the colours of greys of the fabrics. No fear, though, one look simply popped out from the rest as a model came down in colourful Mary Janes, a sparkly green blouse and blaring red skirt. Essentially, it was #look of the collection, and one of the most memorable looks from Tbilisi Fashion Week that would have all heads turning in awe if this was a collective look for a night out.

The appeal was literally there – a clean, minimalist look that was enhanced with pin skirts and blouses echoing chic for any woman. For a collection that only lasted 19 looks, there was nothing that stood out like a sore thumb, everything was a beautifully done but wholesomely practical look. Everything was created with expert tailoring and exceptional style, aiming to ease the audience from leisure to work to even evening red carpet. There’s a fleshed out look for everyone to indulge in.

Nicolas Grigorian F/W 2017 Best Looks

Playful and irreverent as it might have seemed on the runway, there was much sophistication and love into the creation of the collection, which seems to be much a part of Grigorian‘s design philosophy. The collection is a personal favourite, and whether or not there was inspiration there was a subtle ode to the ever-beloved series Gossip Girl, or that Grigorian was just feeling inspired by the youthful naïveté that was 90s fashion, he’s done it so well.