Nissi Wants You To “Commit A Little Crime”

After releasing her single “Pay Attention” last month, London based Nigerian singer Nissi is back with her newest single “Criminal” that’s also her second single from her upcoming debut EP “Downtown” due to release in October. Just like her previous single, that was supported by MTV Wrap Up, Gueslist Magazine, Link Up TV and RnBass,  this one is also a product of her work with producer Cornel Sorian.

Maintaining her thick RnB sounds, Nissi explained that her inspiration for “Criminal” is from conversations she had with her friends. “It’s about how, even though they (her friends) were in relationships, they have met other people that they just had to talk to because attraction is definitely one experience we have all gone through.” I suppose that’s what he she means by “wanting to be a criminal tonight” in the song. “Yes, because this song – hopefully – captures that feeling of wanting something or someone that can make you commit a little crime, just to get your way.”

Something you can relate to, maybe?

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