Off The Kerb’s Melbourne Fringe Festival Exhibitions

Melbourne’s Fringe Festival – Off the Kerb gallery has taken three multitalented artists under their wing to partake in their latest installment.


Front gallery ‘From Polipanda With Love’ by Ying Huang takes you on a journey through intimate conceptions of cultural identification whilst tapping into themes of humour and political propaganda. Adapting to these notions Huang has pushed barriers of mislaid authenticity within our realities. Huang’s own personal media manipulations enable us to agree with circumstance and how the media plays a blatant position in manipulation and questionable reinforcement.

Displaying these media alternatives through iconic images she has utilized her talent to depict a more truthful element to her work and what she perceives around her. Polipanda – infused from Chinese political propaganda and pop art, the two groups establish a firm ground of cultural Identity that Huang has portioned her inspirations from through out the series. Whilst giving each individual print the opportunity to stand out and move viewers. Although, cultural reconnection plays a heavy part with in Huang’s work, she has warmed it up with humour and a lively twist on personal experiences.


The upstairs gallery ‘Lunar’ by Emily wright illuminates a realm of wonder and excitement. Heavily inspired from natural elements and creatures of all sizes that inhabit our earth, Wright has revived concepts of nature and animals by presenting them in ingenious forms. Her delicate graphite drawings engender a warming confluence between creatures and classical femininity drawing upon a strong female presence.

Wright has embraced Mother Nature’s creations and altered them to her own pleasure. In many of the illustrations Wright has combined both creatures and humans – using the bodies of the humans as a hold for the animals to rest in. Wrights undeniable aptitude and acute eye for detail has artistically shaped these illustrations into a light of their own – her panoramic landscapes of mountains and the natural world soften the reality around us and sends us away to a sanctuary we only dream of being in.


The Back gallery ‘The Tide’ by Paul Dew, immediately modifies the space around you – Dew’s installation masks a embodiment of cat-and-mouse game, as your eyes wander across the installation and trail up the wall you see mechanical like rats, followed by an array of cats close on their trail. The fluid movement of these animals became a catalyst for the humans on the ground who appear to be swimming with an oars reach between them. The beautiful movement within the pieces creates the fluidity of the structure of the instillation. 

In the sea of animals forms an encounter of territorial cats and rats on the run – all bringing a rotation to the installation’s counteractive vibe. Also, to complete the atmosphere of the installation Dew has installed a recording of cats screeching, which echo audaciously throughout the room. Effective yet maddening.

Another brilliantly devised exhibition from Off the Kerb – bringing together a wonderful range of diversity and flair from all artists. I’m already in high anticipation to await what Off the Kerb have install for us next!