Panoramas, Insects, Freedom & Endevours

The running theme of nature seems to be the focal point for Off The Kerb's current exhibition - This all-inspiring installment has been composed by four immensely credible artists.


‘Flakkari’, by Brian Cheung, fills the front gallery with his delicate panoramas – remembering his residency in Iceland. The entire room blooms with Cheung’s experiences and findings – with a prolific accumulation of framed portraits depicting illustrations of mountains and the ocean, not to mention his stunning portraits of land animals (rams) and sea creatures (stingrays). The involvement of the animals are beautifully clustered, including the fine detail that has gone into them. Combining traits of natures panoramas and strong illustrations of animals – tranquility sets in within the viewer, a type of visual catharsis as you absorb your surroundings. Chuengs diverse range of media has evolved through this breathtaking series. Alongside Cheung’s work, he’s also incorporated his artists books and a collection of animal skulls from his enriching journey.


The side gallery, ‘Endless Wonder’, by Sian Song, invites you into a realm of inspiration influenced by  the world around us. The creativity Song has drawn from with her theme emulates highly through her work. Her honeyed illustrations bring a touch of warmth and delight to this quirky atmosphere. Song’s miniature collectibles are presented in quaint little frames portraying different scenarios. Insects being the main focus throughout the series, she has situated them in diverse human environments, replacing humans and incorporating these bugs in our daily routines and travels.


Heading to the upstairs gallery, ‘Parallel Universe’, by Lauren Guymer, explores an existence that is not of this world- a place of equanimity and uninhibited freedom. Landscapes are the main focus of Guymer’s drawings, some merging between both land and space, but mostly openly deserted places. Her intricately detailed dot and line drawings are something to be admired – Guymer’s vision of persistence and ability to create these dreamlike drawings are both visually and artistically pleasing, giving these landscapes character and the ability to be more than the mundane we usually perceive them in.


The back gallery, ‘Wayfare’, by Tayla Broekman, engenders works from her subconscious – in this vibrant series she has brought her imaginative characters to illustrative life.

Broekmans motivation of personal endeavors and prosperity embraces the energy of these characters and has shaped them into her ideal mascots. Her use of gouache paints and the flat block colour mimics the appeal of a digital art format, which Broekman has dabbled in for past series.